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About the Job


You are expected to create true-to-brand, scroll-pausing, thumb stopper creative communications, advertising copies & scripts as follows:

    Conceptualize ideas, craft scripts for 15 - 120 sec video ads to boost video view retention rate, Write ads copies for Google Search ads, scripts for YouTube & Instagram influencer videos,, Facebook Ads headlines & description and website pages to boost click-thru-rate, on-page sales conversion and reduce bounce rates, Craft short messages for SMS, email, WhatsApp notifications to drive open rates & clicks, Write SEO content, blogs, PR articles, speeches and other marketing materials, Write marketing & advertising copies for use in print, internet, broadcast media to position and promote the sale of healthcare goods and services.,

Candidature Requirements:

    5+ years of exp. in crafting headlines, advertising copies, scripts for paid media [mandatory], Specialization in crafting messaging for FMCG product marketing ads for Television media, Experience as a script writer, ads producer, editorial content., Prior experience in defining BRAND KEY, functional, emotional benefits [added plus], Passionate to work in entrepreneurial set-ups, comfortable with ambiguity,