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About the Job


Work Description:

    Accountable for social media paid marketing channels - FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, KPI - Accountable for all ads spends metrics - Purchase, ROAS, CPM, CPC, ThruPlay, SETUP campaign in ADS MANAGER and drive CTR, traffic, conversions on the website, RESEARCH target interests, audiences, reach, frequency, competitors, FUNNELS - Retarget on Facebook, Instagram, build marketing funnels, customer journeys, ANALYSE trends using website analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Shopify), SPLIT TEST of ads copies, landing pages, creatives, video content engagement, ATTRIBUTION - Setup tags managers [UTM, GTM] for to track & optimize user behaviors, VIDEOS - Lead video content marketing using creatives, audiences, A/B tests,

Candidature requirements:

    1-2 years of hands-on experience with Fb/Insta paid campaigns, Deep expertise in remarketing strategies added plus, Strong analytical skills and experience generating performance reports, Strong understanding of tracking, tagging, and pixel management., Highly digital tools savvy to drive performance,