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About the Job


Work Description:

    Set industry benchmark for customer experience in women healthcare space, Manage service levels [SLA] of inbound Chats, Calls, Emails, FB & YouTube comments, Drive first-time-resolution [FTR] and customer satisfaction [Csat,NPS], Manage shifts for on-site & work-from-home for inbound & outbound support teams from, 9am - 9pm day as support hours, FSR Planning for weekly, daily transaction volume to pre-empt call/chat volume spikes and ensure staff coverage for support hours, Create online knowledge base, response templates for internal teams, Develop online ‘help docs’ for customers to reduce inbound transactions [calls/emails/chat], Manage customer escalations calls,

Candidature requirements:

    3+ years of exp. with a BPO, eCommerce customer support firm, Played the role of team manager, leader to manage floor operations for customer support, Fine balance between data analytics and consumer behaviour, Highly digital tools savvy to develop unified customer support experience, Prior experience in self-service concept using ChatBot technology [added advantage],