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About the Job


You have experience of 4-6 years in building high-performance consumer-facing mobile
applications at Product companies of a decent scale.
You have worked with Kubernetes in production.
You understand how Kubernetes works from a PoV of how packets flow through the system.
You are good with GCP/AWS/Azure and containerization (Docker, Kubernetes).
You know and have worked on service meshes like Lstio, Linkerd.
You can code in any of the following languages: Python, Golang.
You have experience with debugging and writing RCAs.
You have demonstrable stories of being on-call and how outages have been handled.
You understand change management in-depth and are opinionated on the steps to push the change to production.
You have an idea around performance testing and load testing for larger change.
You are an excellent collaborator & communicator. You know that start-ups are a team
sport. You listen to others, aren’t afraid to speak your mind and always try to ask the right
You are excited by the prospect of working in a distributed team and company.